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Eat good & save food. 

Pantry basics, sweets & ready to eat foods that help creating a world without food waste

Not just another food brand – Why?

Hey there Food Saver! You might wonder why we launched our own food brand and are not just sticking to saving products that were produced and packed already. Well, we just want to do more! So we asked ourselves how can we save even more food?

After a while we came up with two solutions: Getting people to save food more regularly with us and offering an easy way to not only save ready to sell products but also save food that is at the risk of being wasted way earlier in the production process. And just like that By Motatos was born. 


Saving ingredients

Saved By Motatos is making eating good and saving (even more) food simple & inspiring. How? By offering a delicious assortment made from saved ingredients. Yes, you heard right! We save raw materials from food production or directly from the fields and turn it into tasty products with a twist. Instead of adding to the problem we are rethinking food production & the concept of sustainable consumption.


Saving food on a regular basis

To help you make the most of our ever-changing saved product range we are offering you a fixed assortment of great pantry basics that don’t often end up in our shop as saved food. Combined with our saved assortment you’ll be able create wholesome & delicious meals and hopefully love stopping by our shop and saving food with us even more!

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Our product lines


Our saved ingredients range

Our Saved product line consists of tasty creations that are made from saved ingredients. Ranging from delicious treats to inspiring cooking ingredients with a twist - we are getting creative when it comes to turning perfectly fine foods from waste to taste.

We have taken a close look into various supply chains in the food industry and are saving directly from the field as well as in the production process keeping quality, extraordinary taste and sustainability in mind throughout production.

Pasta Cuts

Did you know that spaghetti production always comes with small leftover spaghetti pieces from cutting them to exactly the same length?

We think any piece of pasta is too tasty to be tossed! That’s why we save them and turn them into fusilli with a twist - less waste, great taste!


Twisted Veggies

We love vegetables in all shapes and sizes.


Although they might be too twisted to fit the supermarket norms they are definitely too tasty to be wasted. That’s why we created a delicious range of soups, spreads and pestos made from those saved veggies.


Mixed Flavours

Every year hundreds of tonnes of chocolate are lost during production. Madness, right?


We are repurposing the chocolate used to “clean” the pipes when switching from white chocolate to dark chocolate and create this yummy blend of mixed chocolate.


Our pantry basics

Inspired by “la dolce vita” our first own product line is made up of tasty pantry basics like pasta, chopped tomatoes or canned beans - a perfect match to our constantly changing saved foods

We have carefully sourced all the ingredients and packagings with quality, sustainability and affordability in mind. And honestly, doing good has never looked so good!

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Workshop _ volontärer_Rosita Mabunda, E

Food for everyone.

It's insane that a third of all food being produced is wasted. Even more so when millions are suffering from hunger. 

We want to do more than just produce great food. That is why one percent of the gross profit from our sales of all By Motatos products will be donated to the international NGO and our partner The Hunger Project. In 2021 we donated 10 000 € and for 2022 we are of course aiming to hit this record.

The Hunger Project provides tools and resources for people and societies to become resilient and self-reliant, rather than handing people donations that will help them get through the day. Today, there are ongoing programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where the aim is to mobilise rural grassroots communities to achieve sustainable progress in health, education, nutrition and family income.

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Our products are exclusively available at Matsmart-Motatos:

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